Site back under orginal owner from forever ago... used to be a resource or web devs when html2  and mysql and php where just starting to be a thing

Will likely just be my portfolio site.

currently web project listing....

ShellCity - Bob started this in the late 90's i think.  Redesigned in early 2010's so yeah UI is pretty dated.
DailyRotation - another Bob started wayback when that i'm taking over. got most of the old design working again 
	but also working on a more modern version of the site now. - nothing here yet.. if i ever get around to it will be a parody site.  Mostly just me testing stuff now
Pirates Perspective arm chair GM thoughts on the Pittsburgh Pirates. just a wordpress site.
WiseTechGuys/CreateComputers - will post some tech guides i happen to think of. Probably just use a light weight CMS or maybe write my own since I want it to be simple.
new 1/20/22
Human readable COVID CDC data - taken from CDC stats and put it in a bit easier format.

Other stuff...

Noteable but pretty confidential even though it no longer exists.
installed customized and ran a very large forum for a very popular sports team on very minimum hardware that needed constant attention.

(not public) HiBP PHP class to scan for compramised email addresses.
(not public) RSS PHP class used in dailyrotation.

Lost Apps: Apps i made in the past but since lost track of source..

FindExpires - would go through expireddomains and find ones that where going to be available again soon
	last version i never released would automatically try to register them.
CoinBase App - Bitcoin prices through coinbase API and give taskbar alerts on price thresholds. 
	also had a autobuy/sell function that i never released due to time and api change.
PingStatusCheck - quick app i wrote when doing some network trouble shooting. 
	would ping specified addresses one time every so many seconds and log it.
	Was more of a im' rusty i'll do this rather than just running it from CLI.
Mail Log Search - writting in pure C (not sharp not +.... C) would scan mail logs for specified addresses
	and let you select which ones to approve/deny.  became usless in the late 00's formats changed.
inSite  (Internet News Site) - wrote this in about 2006 or so for a newspaper. Full blown CMS in a newspaper format that was pretty responsive... given the time.
	took me 9 months to get mostly right and the business ended up going with something premade.  Source was theirs so ....
Customer Tracking and Ticket App - never named it.  About 2 thirds of the way threw and apps like osTicket started popping up.
	So I abandond it.
	Was written in VB6
Malware detection (CODE RED) - in the early 2000's a worm attacked IIS servers. App checked for attacks and added it to a text file so we could put the
	attacking system on the firewall multiple times a day.
	also created a batch file on linux to do the same on linux to check apache logs.  It didn't care it attacked everything.
	MS patched this but but for years i would still see attacks from systems that havn't been patched yet.