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Deaths by Age,Sex and Location 2020
Deaths by Age,Sex and Location 2021
All Deaths by Age,Sex and Location since very slow!!!

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Transmission/Positive Rate by County in state Transmission/Positive Rate by US county

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Created because data is skewed based on who reports the data. This web app removes the 'skew' and only reports raw data from the CDC.
Some areas do not have data. This data is just missing at the state level. The final numbersshould be reasonably accurate.
Future additions if the data available, in patient care, testing and vaccinations
Created by Joe from WMO

Dev Log:
working on adding community level transmission.
Currently over 2.3m records.. headache
Information on Data:
Data is gathered directly from the CDC website. This site will update automatically every week or night based on the frequency of updates on the data set. The CDC data may not update daily so the information here will not update since there is no update.
CDC data is by yearly data NOT by day.
Data in this will be wiped and reimported. Previos 'updates' will not be included. this is because the need for updating is winding down and 'usually' the previous data is included in the new report
This data does not seperate 'from COVID-19' or 'with COVID-19' while different medically they are not different on this data. I am not sure of a "science" reason why.
Data does not include specific Varients
This data is an overview by state (or NYC) not smaller areas. While this data is important to help make decisions, local data is as, if not more important.

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